"Auryn" - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer Music.

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140726 KBS2 Turn Up the Volume
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Scott Norsworthy
Neon New York


Scott Norsworthy

Neon New York

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[TRANSLATION] 140918 Letter that IU wrote for and read out to Uaenas at her 6th debut anniversary fanmeeting



(Photo of original letter that IU gave to a lucky fan, cr: 미국산사탕)

I want to keep telling my fans that I’ve really gathered a lot of strength through you guys and that I like my fans so so much.

What I have expressed to you guys is tiny compared to the love I have received directly from all of you.

So if you’re perhaps disappointed or if there’s any misunderstanding, I’m sorry about that.

After saying all this, I hope you guys don’t feel lonely like someone leaning against a wall and talking alone to themselves.

Everyone, someday the time will come when some urgent work comes in or you need to go for work, or you have exams, or your lover right in front of you becomes much more important than IU right?

Even if you decide to wash your hands off being a fan, I would like you to not regret having wasted time on someone who doesn’t even know about your existence and doing some useless stuff.

In order for you to have the confidence to feel that even if it’s little, it’s not a totally one-sided relationship and thanks to you IU could sparkle more brightly and be happy, I’ll also cheer all of you up in my own way.

So I just want all of you to know that everyday I think about you guys just slightly more than you presume. 

Translated by squishy with love

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don’t touch me.


IU  Unreleased Song


[Audio] 140921 Melody Forest Camp Concert - IU - Unreleased Song (Live)


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